Elephant: Parrot Blue



These adorable elephants are Malena exclusive and original designs that we created with our artisan partners in Rwanda. They are great gifts for anyone who loves elephants. Each one has a unique heart hand sewn behind the ear as well. 

Malena is proud to collaborate with this women's cooperative in Kigali, Rwanda. In addition to being a sewing cooperative, they offer free education for women. They also organize workshops on gender equality, women's rights and gender-based violence. They were established with the aim to support local, disadvantaged women to continue their education and training, and to gain better opportunities for employment. Together, they have created a project to address problems faced today by many young Rwandan women, such as struggling with socio-political and individual consequences of gender based discrimination, violence and poverty, reproductive rights, child care, lack of access to knowledge, education, skills and funds to strive for their well being and human rights, as well as income generating activities.

These treasures are one-of-a-kind items hand created by our artisan partners in Rwanda, so slight variations in fabric patterns will occur, which means you will get a unique and one-of-a-kind item!

MATERIALS: Rwandan kitenge fabric

SIZE: 7" h x 6" l

CARE: Hand wash cold, using mild soap. 

NOTE: This fabric selection is one of kind, so once it is gone, it is gone! If this particular fabric sells out, you can still sign up to our waitlist below to be notified when we have new, gorgeous fabric selections for Malena.

Made by: Umutima

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