Rhino Bookends



These beautiful hand carved Rhino Bookends are made from a single slice of a Rwandan jacaranda tree, and are sturdy and functional! These pieces are each hand crafted by graduates of a woodcarving apprenticeship program.

The Rwandan social enterprise who made these is focused on maximizing economic opportunity for rural artisans through the development and promotion of their craft. They offer fair prices, and as well as design coaching. Rising from the horrors of genocide, artisans from all backgrounds have joined together through their art to create a better future. With their sustainable and fair income, parents are caring for the health, nutrition, and education of their children, families are building better homes, and women are raising their voices in their communities.

These treasures are hand created by our artisan partners in Rwanda, so slight variations in materials and colors will occur, which means you will get a one-of-a-kind item!

MATERIALS: Tree slice

SIZE:  On average, our bookends are 7” tall.

NOTE: Sold as a pair

Made by: Azizi Life

*Photos of the Abaharaniriterambere Cooperative by Azizi Life


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